Andi Lozano


Why I Became a Designer

At the age of 22, I found myself feeling like the last four years of my life were a waste of time and money.

After having my first "real" job out of university, I didn't want to pursue what I studied in college any longer. When I was starting over, the massive amounts of career options felt overwhelming. I kept talking myself into "passions" that weren't mine: managing customer experience teams, creating social media content, helping small businesses get organized, and various administrative work. In reality, those were all just a set of skills I had developed, not necessarily the career I longed for. What I didn't know at the time was that every job I had was a little piece of my passion, and helped me discover what I was truly meant to pursue.

I kept looking for someone to discover my passion for me, but no one can really tell you that. It's inside of you, just waiting to be found, patiently holding space in the interim for you to notice its existence all along.

Design was that for me. In many ways, I believe design saved me. It helped me develop the confidence I had lost. I discovered my true passion.

I'm passionate about creating experiences.

I'm passionate about helping others.

I'm passionate about making things beautiful.

I'm passionate about human-centered design.

I'm passionate about learning from the things I've created and the people who use it.

I became a designer because I know from the depths of my heart that I was made for this. I truly believe design can, and will change the world, one human-centered design at a time.

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